For customers coming from abroad

Welcome to Tax Free Motorcycle Supply & Accessories pro-shop, LEONA
レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店

We offer Top-quality Japanese Motorcycle Brands
Check out our wide range of Tax Free motorcycle goods.

※Motorcycle Supply & Accessories shop, LEONA is officially licensed tax free.

レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店

Current Consumption Tax (Sales Tax), 8% is exempted

Tax Free is applied to goods not intended for commercial purposes,
which are carried as a part of the passenger’s luggage, provided that they are in a quantity allowed for duty-free.
Purchased goods must be kept sealed until departure and taken out abroad within 30days of the date of the purchase.

レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店 レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店


Introducing LEONA......
Tax Free Motorcycle supply & Accessories shop

Come & Visit to LEONA!
Check out our wide range of Motorcycle supply & Accessories.
Popular "Made in Japan" Motorcycle Goods, such as Helmets, Off-road wears, Bikecovers, Security-locks and More...

We offer Top quality of genuine-brands goods,
Big 4 Japanese Motorcycle Brands, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI and KAWASAKI

Gloves, Boots, Jackets, Bags, Rainwears etc.
Those items make your motorcycle life more exciting!

LEONA is a long-established shop and be loved by motorcyclists, also the biggest motorcycle gear shop in Kyoto.
Do not miss this tax free shopping chance.
Hurry and Check it Out!!

レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店マップ Nishi-Imada-cho 20
Saiin Ukyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan

Phone 075-312-0051
Fax 075-322-0326

Business Hours :
Open 10am Close 7pm
THU to TUE (Close WED)

Car Parking is available


About Tax Exemption Procedure

レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店

Please bring your passport when you shop at LEONA.
Rocord of purchase is issued and attatched to your passport.

レオタニモト 用品館レオナ店

What you need to do on the day of departure is show your record of purchase and purchased goods at the customs of the airport.
Please do not detatched Record of Purchase from your passport until your depature.

Eligible person for Tax exemption

Non Resident in Japan
*Have to be claimed within 6months from the date of arrival


Most of the items in LEONA are subject to tax exemption, such as helmets, bikewears and others.
Please note that some items are not tax free.
Our friendly staff will assist you if you have questions.


Tax Exemption is applied when Total amount of the same day purchase is ¥5,400 (incl. tax) or more. Personal use and Non commercail purposes is required

What you need for Tax Exemption

  1. Receipts issued by LEONA
  2. Passport ( Copy of passport is not accepted)
  3. If payment is made on creditcard, same name should be shown on passport,
  4. Goods you purchased

※ Japanese person who is oversea resident need to show valid visa or driving license of the resident country.
※ Foreign Diplomat in Japan need to show own tax exemption card


Tax Exempted in the currency of Japanese yen